Knowledge is power: maintaining data primacy and governance

09March 2016
Knowledge is power: maintaining data primacy and governance

Knowledge is power and information is king – but only if they’re right! Watch our video to see how you can ensure the data that you rely on for making business critical decisions is accurate and up to date.

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From calculating budgets and finance, to planning and ordering stock, the data in spreadsheets informs the most critical business decisions we make.
We download the data we trust from our corporate systems or central databases, but where does it go from there?

After it has left the system, the data is in the hands of multiple users, each with their own unique way of manipulating the data in Excel.

Can you imagine how disastrous it could be making major business decisions based on inconsistent, out of date or inaccurate data? But that’s exactly what happens when people download data from a central or corporate system then manipulate it, but don’t update the master data again.

What if there was a cloud based system that could give us the best of both worlds; ensuring all data is accurate, secure, verified and up to date, without having to give up using our spreadsheets?

What if it could prevent errors being multiplied across the business to reduce risk?

This is exactly what Info-CTRL does. 

The Info-CTRL cloud connects each individual spreadsheet user throughout your organisation with your trusted data source.  Your team can access, download and customise their spreadsheets to whatever format they need to do their jobs.  

Info-CTRL connects with each user’s spreadsheet, validating and updating the data not just with the trusted data source, but also syncing with every other user’s spreadsheet, every time you click upload.  

This means that whatever your spreadsheet looks like, everyone’s data is consistent, consolidated and accurate. Info-CTRL gives you, and your team, the right data to make the right decisions to deliver the best possible service to your customers.

Info-CTRL helps you be to more profitable, and change your life for the better, without changing the way you work.

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