Make productivity gains equivalent to two extra team members

27May 2016
Make productivity gains equivalent to two extra team members
Cath Kidston, the leading UK homeware brand, plans to use Info-CTRL for Retail to manage all of its merchandising data. Karl de Bruijn, IT Director at Cath Kidston concluded:
“We expect an increase in productivity equivalent to two head counts per year.”
You save time rolling up data and compiling reports in all aspects of merchandising:
• Monday trading pack
• Supplier analysis
• Production schedules
• Promotions
• Mark downs
• Open to buy
• Forecasts
He added: “We estimate the return on investment to be 3 x return in year one due to productivity improvements and time saved on throughput.”
Info-CTRL for Retail is a unique cloud-based solution that enables buyers, merchandisers and finance teams to make decisions using real-time information. It protects the company’s master data, holding it centrally in a secure database and ensuring it is accurate and up to date.
Info-CTRL enables everyone to work with their current spreadsheets, while uploading and downloading the latest data from the master database in the cloud. It eliminates workarounds and delivers data integrity and control like never before. Data verification and validation is built in, giving you ‘one version of the truth’.
Info-CTRL for Retail is low cost and fast to implement. 
If you would like to free your merchandisers from mind-numbing and error-prone copying and pasting of data, save money, reduce risk and make better business decisions, then email us now at

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