• Q.Which spreadsheet software is compatible with Info-CTRL? View

    Info-CTRL is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 and later.

  • Q.Can Info-CTRL be tailored to our specific needs? View

    Yes, we always create a solution specific to the working processes and data of our customers.

  • Q.Do we have to integrate the Info-CTRL system into our own systems or does it stand alone? View

    Info-CTRL can be either - a stand-alone solution for a specific challenge or a more integrated solution taking data from existing sources.

  • Q.Where is the master data held? View

    The master data is accessed via the cloud and held on secure servers. It can be contained within a corporate system or in a separate database.

  • Q.Is there a limit to the number of spreadsheets that can be consolidated? View

    No, any number of spreadsheets can be consolidated from multiple users.

  • Q.Is there a limit to the number of users ?View

    No, there is no limit to the number of users Info-CTRL can accommodate. Info-CTRL is available both as subscription-based service and as an enterprise licence, depending on the number of users required.

  • Q.How long does it take to implement?View

    Much depends on the requirement you have but typically, projects can be scoped and up and running within a number of weeks.

  • Q.How much training is involved?View

    Once Info-CTRL is installed, very little user training is required as users are still using the spreadsheets that they know and love. Users just press an upload button to store information on the central database. Usually an hour or so training is enough. Typically, most of the questions we receive are about standard EXCEL functionality and not specific to Info-CTRL.

    Super-user or administrator training takes a little longer in order to cover managing the Info-CTRL spreadsheets, making changes or designing new sheets. During the implementation phase, our pre/post sales support team are on-hand to help and offer support through the first few weeks of operation.

  • Q.Can more than one person use the master data at the same time? View

    Yes, the system is designed to allow multiple users access at the same time. We use multiple strategies to avoid data contention, including check-out/check-in and data segregation.

  • Q.Do we have to stick to a specific spreadsheet format or are we free to modify our own spreadsheets? View

    You are free to modify your own spreadsheets or lock them down as suits your needs best.

  • Q.Can we enforce a specific spreadsheet format if we want to? View

    Yes you can, you can dictate what fields need to be where and how they are populated and validated.

  • Q.Can the system enforce data validation rules? View

    Yes it can, Info-CTRL can support most types of validation to ensure that rogue data does not enter the master database.

  • Q.Is there a version control system and audit trail? View

    Yes, Info-CTRL will automate version control for you and provide an audit trail down to each upload/download by each individual user.

  • Q.Can data be sent in different directions? View

    Yes, data can be exported in lots of different directions giving management information to departments whenever and whatever format is needed. Info-CTRL will ensure that users can only access the data they are authorised to.

  • Q.Can we use Info-CTRL as a WSSI/Range Plan/ forecasting tool/allocation tool?View

    Unlike many bespoke systems, Info-CTRL can be tailored to meet the needs of any process that relies on the input from multiple users into a central repository. Info-CTRL has a vast central database with built-in controls and validation to check for accuracy. This contains real time, accurate data that can be cut, sliced and reported on in whatever format you want, regardless of whether it is for marketing, finance, supply chain or any other business function.

  • Q.Can we use Info-CTRL to manage task lists and monitor workflow? View

    Yes, we can incorporate a workflow system that alerts you to tasks you need to do that day or just provides you with a list of things to do as you open your spreadsheet in the morning.

  • Q.Can we use Info-CTRL as an interim solution? View

    It can be used as an interim solution, quite often our customers are looking to implement a much larger IT system which is a number of months, sometimes years, down the line. Info-CTRL provides security, accuracy and control of those business critical processes today, but can also be integrated into any platform at a later date.

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