Info-CTRL for Logistics

Info-CTRL for Logistics is a unique cloud-based solution that enables logistics and distribution managers to make decisions using real-time information. It synchronises and consolidates business critical and operational data to give you an accurate, up to date picture on which to make your decisions.

Info-CTRL for Logistics allows you to combine data across the organisation, verifying it against the company’s corporate systems as well as other operational data that is uploaded into a database. It gives you the flexibility to format spreadsheets in any way use choose, with the confidence that you are working with the latest information.

Info-CTRL for Logistics is the perfect solution for people who:

  • Manage large complex spreadsheets containing business-critical information
  • Roll-up and consolidate project plans or timesheets to provide an accurate company-wide view
  • Want to manage workflow more easily
  • Rely on the latest information provided by several different departments
  • Want to avoid errors in data being multiplied across the business
  • Want to see immediate improvement in spreadsheet-based processes
  • Want to manage complex time and attendance information more efficiently

Info-CTRL for Logistics enables everyone to work with their current spreadsheets, while uploading and downloading the latest data from a single master database in the cloud. It eliminates workarounds and delivers data integrity and control like never before. Data verification and validation is built in, giving you ‘one version of the truth’.

It transforms the use of data in your organisation, driving improved performance and reducing risk. And you don’t have to change the way that everybody works!

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