What are the Benefits?

Reduces risk

  • Info-CTRL allows all the flexibility, functionality and ease of use of standard EXCEL but adds in validation, consistency and control
  • It is easy to share data securely and accurately ensuring that everyone has access to the latest version – not working on out of date information
  • It eliminates is the need to cut and paste from multiple reports – saving time and reducing the risk of errors
  • Data back-up is easy to manage

One version of the truth

  • As data is stored in a central master database the business has access to one accurate, real-time, consolidated version of the truth

Verification and validation

  • Info-CTRL synchronises and consolidates business-critical data with the company’s master data source as well as other operational data that is uploaded into the system. Built-in verification ensures that rogue data is excluded and enables decisions to be made using accurate real-time information
  • Formulae, v-look-ups and pivot tables can be taken out of the user’s spreadsheet and handled securely by the configurator within Info-CTRL. This means that they cannot be deleted or altered in error – a common problem in collaborative spreadsheets
  • Validation and workflow can be tailored to suit the customer requirements exactly
  • Version control is managed simply and effectively

High user acceptance

  • Info-CTRL was developed with the knowledge that people will avoid changing the way that they work and will find workarounds to new systems. Info-CTRL enables people to continue to use their spreadsheets for operational processes and reporting so user acceptance is high
  • Spreadsheet templates can be tailored to suit the individual without detriment to the integrity of the database

Easier data manipulation

  • Data is held in a relational SQL database so users can analyse the data using any number of parameters, without the usual restrictions imposed by spreadsheets: There is no need to build additional complex spreadsheets, which increases the risk of errors
  • It allows the same data to be cut and sliced and presented in different ways – ideal whenever data needs to be viewed by different business functions, for example by merchandisers, marketing, finance, supply chain, etc
  • Real-time data is much more accessible to anyone who needs to use it


  • Info-CTRL is a cloud-based system so data is stored on a secure server, not emailed from person to person and stored on a multitude of desktops, laptops and smartphones. Data is therefore much more secure, reducing business risk

Mobile working

  • Info-CTRL is accessed via a secure login wherever the user has internet access - particularly useful for mobile workers or when on overseas business visits

Precise, accurate and agile

  • Info-CTRL’s unique data configurator translates data from spreadsheet to database and back again, ensuring that you automatically download the right data into the right cell of the right spreadsheet in the right format
  • The mapping technique of the configurator enables people to use different terminology but still obtain an accurate consolidated picture of the data, e.g. a colour may be referred to as pink in one spreadsheet and cerise in another but Info-CTRL will be able to work out that these are the same

Easy to use

  • Info-CTRL has an Excel-based user interface so the familiarity and ease of use of Excel mean it is easy to use and very little training is required. Users do not need to change their existing spreadsheets and they can be formatted however they choose.

Low cost

  • Info-CTRL is a available as a subscription based service so you pay only for the user access that you need and there are no limits on growth in requirements or data capacity
  • As Info-CTRL is cloud-based, it does not require expensive IT hardware or IT resources to manage and maintain
  • Info-CTRL typically uses Windows login access for security so there is no need to set up any additional login or secure access for each user
  • It easy to interface with other data sources, e.g. ERP systems
  • No other system offers the same functionality, in the same way, at the same low cost price

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